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— (Latin) “covenant, pact, compact”
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Core 100Pactum Novum Commentaries

Core 100 Series

We are pleased to announce the launch of our very first lay-level non-fiction series, the Core 100 Series. These affordable, easy-reading 100-page books provide engaging, brief introductions to critical issues, basics of the Christian faith, and understanding the Bible.

Metanarrative has been re-released with a new cover as the first volume in this series. The second volume, projected for a 2022 release, is Big Ordinary Sins: Confronting Our Everyday Transgressions. Several other volumes are planned, including Back to the Bedrock, a basic biblical introduction to the theological themes of the Nicene Creed.

As the books in this series are intended in part to be ideal gift choices, you may be interested in buying several copies. We are happy to provide healthy discounts on volume purchases. Please do not hesitate to contact us to receive a special quote for the quantity you desire.

Currently in this series:

Big Ordinary Sins: Confronting Our Everyday Transgressions details various ways Christians have compromised with Western culture and thereby stumbled into serious sin. This cross-centered, pastoral book will both convict you and lead you back to Jesus and his grace. View further details about Big Ordinary Sins.

Series: Core 100
Release date: April 2022.
8.5x8.5" paperback; 100pp + front matter.
Retail price: Paperback $9.95 USD | Digital Bundle (Kindle, Epub & PDF) $6.99.

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Metanarrative: The Bible’s One Story of Love, Truth and Beauty is a brief, conversational overview of the story of the Bible, paired to epic music lyrics in the margins. View further details about Metanarrative.

Release date: April 4, 2017.
8.5x8.5" paperback; 100pp + front matter.
Retail price: Paperback $9.95 USD | Kindle or Epub $4.99.

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Pactum Novum Commentaries

Pactum Novum Commentaries are full commentaries providing verse-by-verse exposition of the biblical text, and enriched with biblical-theological insights. Exegetical work is done from the original languages, with due attention paid to biblical and historical background.

Pactum Novum Commentaries aim to provide careful scholarship without obscurity, so that each commentary is genuinely useful for busy pastors as well as well-read laymen.

To date, the series is represented by Paul’s Travail: A Reintroduction to Galatians.

This full-length commentary features analysis of Paul’s letter, including a detailed look at cryptic and dense passages such as Galatians 3:10–13. An appendix also explores the fascinating correlation between Galatians and Jesus’ Farewell Discourse in John 13–17.

Release date: November 2013.
6x9" paperback; 309pp. + front matter.
Retail price: Paperback $25.95 USD | Digital bundle (PDF, Kindle Epub) $15.95

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