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Big Ordinary Sins: Confronting Our Everyday Transgressions A blast into the silence.

Big Ordinary Sins book cover

Series: Core 100
Release date: April 2022.
8.5x8.5" paperback; 100pp. + front matter.
Retail price: paperback $11.99 USD | Digital bundle (kindle, epub, pdf) $6.99

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Quietly, Western Christians have adopted worldly attitudes and behaviors toward dating, marriage, divorce, money, leisure, and a whole host of other things. And the pulpits have been largely silent.

Pastoral and prophetic, convincing and convicting, Big Ordinary Sins is not silent. Calling for an embrace of Christ’s call for us to take up his cross and follow him, this book examines many of the areas where we need to repent — and shows us the gracious way forward.

As with other volumes in the Core 100 Series, Big Ordinary Sins is an easy-reading 100 page book, and features large margins for convenient note-taking. With its affordability and approachability, this is an excellent gift choice.

Chapter Contents

  • The Missing Cross: The Lost Message of Discipleship
  • Real Pharisaism: Neglect of the Weightier Matters
  • The Idle Idol: Squandering Time and Spiritual Energy
  • Never Enough: Consumed with Consumption
  • Easy Divorce: Splitting What God Has Joined
  • Heartbreak Hotel: Worldliness in our Love Lives
  • The Fear of Man: Cool Forms of Cowardice
  • The “Me and Jesus” Idol: Wandering from Worship
  • It’s All About Me: The Idol You Sleep With

About the author—Tim Gallant grew up as a preacher’s kid in Western Canada, where he fell in love with reading, writing and music creation. He graduated with honors from Mid-America Reformed Seminary in 2000. Along with pastoral and other leadership roles, Tim has written numerous books, spoken at numerous conferences and camps, and lives in the Nashville area with his wife Kristi and a horde of children.