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Baptism and Lord’s Supper: A Biblical Primer on Covenant Initiation and Renewal New identity, new solidarity — new creation.

Baptism and Lord's Supper Sins book cover

Series: Core 100
Release date: April 2023.
8.5x8.5" paperback; 105pp. + front matter and Scripture index.
Retail price: paperback $11.99 USD | Digital bundle (kindle, epub, pdf) $6.99

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This book may also be purchased on Amazon. It is available in audiobook format from iTunes, Audible and Amazon.

What can be said about baptism and the Lord’s Supper in 100 pages?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. Largely ignoring the debates and speculations which frequently occupy scholars, Tim Gallant turns to Scripture to answer four basic questions that matter to all of us:

  • Is it important?
  • What is its meaning?
  • What is its power?
  • Who is it for?

Along the way, Gallant mines the treasures of Scripture to show the deep roots and rich meaning of both baptism and the Lord’s Supper. He argues that these sacraments together form and shape a community of partnership, with Jesus the Messiah as the head and all of his people its members. This solidarity provides us a new identity that is public, comprehensive, and life-changing.

Aimed not just at pastors but “plumbers and housewives, store clerks and carpenters,” Baptism and Lord's Supper will give you a richly biblical, well-rounded understanding of the sacraments.

Praise for Baptism and Lord’s Supper

Many Christians pay scant attention to the sacraments because they don’t grasp what they’re for. In this superb, straightforward, and thoroughly biblical introduction, Tim Gallant dispels confusion and shows why we should receive water, bread, and wine as God's wondrous gifts to His people.

— Peter Leithart
President, Theopolis Institute

Tim Gallant has written a treatment of baptism and the Lord’s Supper that is eminently usable by pastors. Avoiding divisive sectarian debates, he offers responsible and careful exegesis, with alertness to the narrative and the rich typological resonances of the sacraments. Above all, this book positions us to understand ourselves as the people of God: to live in terms of the narrative and imagery of Scripture, and to think about baptism and the Supper as rituals that constitute us with that identity by uniting us to Jesus.

— Dr. Matthew Colvin
Author, The Lost Supper

About the author—Tim Gallant grew up as a preacher’s kid in Western Canada, where he fell in love with reading, writing and music creation. He graduated with honors from Mid-America Reformed Seminary in 2000. Along with pastoral and other leadership roles, Tim has written numerous books, spoken at numerous conferences and camps, and lives in the Nashville area with his wife Kristi and a horde of children.