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pac • tum
— (Latin) “covenant, pact, compact”
re • form • an • da
— (Latin) “reforming”

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Imprints The faces of Pactum Reformanda Publishing.

Pactum Reformanda Publishing launched in 2002 to facilitate the publishing of Tim Gallant’s Feed My Lambs, which became the first comprehensive treatment of paedocommunion in the English language.

Technically, all non-fiction titles published by us since then have been launched under that unwieldy banner, but with Metanarrative we are officially publishing our main biblical studies line under the friendlier Pactum Books, which has been the web site name all along.

In 2012, we also launched a fiction imprint, Timotheos Press. You can learn more about that at the Timotheos Press web site.

In addition, Pactum has a couple other imprints reserved for others sorts of projects. We will see how those ideas play out.

The Legend of the Dagger Prince book cover Moniyaw book cover