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pac • tum
— (Latin) “covenant, pact, compact”
re • form • an • da
— (Latin) “reforming”
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Our Latest: Baptism and Lord’s Supper. How the story of the Bible makes sense of the sacraments.

For many evangelical Christians, baptism is an empty ordinance and the Lord’s Supper is an exercise in imaginative emotion.

But the Bible says otherwise. These are rituals, but they are not empty. They are actions of God himself, as he brings us into his covenant and unites us to his Messiah and to one another.

Baptism and Lord’s Supper walks us through Scripture, so we can fully appreciate the necessity, power and rich meaning of the sacraments.

The third volume in the Core 100 Series, Baptism and Lord’s Supper is easy to read and provides large margins for convenient note-taking.

Series: Core 100
Release date: April 2023
8.5x8.5" paperback; 105pp. + front matter and Scripture index.
Retail price: $11.99 USD.

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Baptism and Lord's Supper book cover