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These Are Two Covenants
Comes to Paperback

Presently, we have four full titles available, including Feed My Lambs: Why the Lord's Table Should Be Restored to Covenant Children; These Are Two Covenants: Reconsidering Paul on the Mosaic Law; and Sermons on Galatians.

The newest member of the Pactum family is Paul's Travail: A Reintroduction to Galatians, released in November 2013. This relatively technical work is targeted at scholars, pastors, and readers willing to do heavy lifting. There are also plans for less technical books related to Galatians.

We are also in the process of venturing into children's books. Pactum will handle biblical-related material, while other children's literature will be published under the imprint Moose & Bunny.

A third imprint, Timotheos Press, focuses on fiction; the short novel Moniyaw was released in 2012.

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Get more information on Sermons on Galatians.


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