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Paul's Travail
A Reintroduction to Galatians

After years of working with the letter to the Galatians, including a 35 sermon series (available from Pactum in book format), Tim Gallant has completed Paul's Travail. This 300+ page commentary represents a full-scale attempt to read Paul's letter coherently, as a unified thread, rather than as a series of generally-connected prooftexts.

If you are looking for a commentary on Galatians that genuinely wrestles with the hardest questions, consider Paul's Travail.


  • Detailed work with cryptic and difficult passages, particularly 3:10–13 (which is handled not only with lengthy discussion in the exposition, but also by a 20 page appendix).
  • Frank discussion of other difficult issues raised in Galatians, such as: What does Paul mean when he speaks of the Galatians being severed from Christ and fallen from grace? What is "the law of Christ"? Why does Paul say that through the law, he died to the law? Why is Paul so filled with angst?
  • An appendix comparing Galatians to Jesus' Farewell Discourse in John 13–17.
  • Extensive integration with Acts, showing the fundamental coherence between Paul's earliest letter and Luke's much-maligned work.
  • Detailed excurses on important questions such as the Greek phrase pistis Christou ("faith in Christ" vs "the faith[fulness] of Christ").

A digital bundle (PDF, Kindle, Epub) of Paul's Travail is now available at our online store. Paperback is now available from Amazon and will also be available directly from Pactum before the end of November 2013.

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