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Peter Leithart

"Feed My lambs," Jesus commanded Peter, but historically the Reformed churches have taught that lambs may eat everything but real food and must be fed everywhere but at the Lord's Table. During the past twenty years, many have become convinced that covenant children belong at the covenant meal and have challenged the traditional practice, yet there has been no systematic defense of paedocommunion. Until now. Tim Gallant has made an important contribution to this ongoing discussion, and, more importantly, has called us to fuller obedience to the Good Shepherd.

Peter J. Leithart is a prolific author and Fellow of Theology & Literature at New St. Andrews College, Moscow, Idaho.

Credenda Agenda

Tim Gallant has written an outstanding treatment of the vexed question of paedo-communion called Feed My Lambs. The book is thorough in its treatment of the exegetical questions, completely capable with regard to the theological issues, and irenic in tone throughout. The information contained here on the practice of the Church throughout history is also very valuable. Any pastor who deals with this issue, on either side, needs to obtain a copy of the book. It is an outstanding treatment.

Douglas Wilson in Vol. 14, Issue 6. Click here to see the full review (PDF - see p. 28 under "Meander" heading).


With this book, Tim Gallant has cemented his place in church history.... Get it; read it; digest it; and urge your pastor to do the same.

Garry Vanderveen in Vol. 9, Number 1. Click here to read the full review.


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