Sermons on Galatians

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"It is grace that will enable us to keep in step with the Spirit, to walk in this new creation pathway to which we have been called. And that grace comes to us because the Lord Jesus Christ, though bodily absent, yet will never leave us nor forsake us."

Large format paperback (10"x8"): 304 pp. (2012)
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Ebook: 304 pp. (2012)
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Need help with a crucially important, yet rather difficult, letter of Paul?

In these 35 sermons, Tim Gallant expounds Paul's letter to the Galatians. Originally preached at Christ Covenant Church of Grande Prairie, this collection will help pastors and lay people alike gain understanding of the issues in Galatia - and why it matters today.

Want more? Watch for the forthcoming commentary on Galatians, Paul's Travail.


Available as both PDF ebook (all chapters and subsections bookmarked for easy navigation) or paperback.

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