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About Pactum Reformanda Publishing

Pactum Reformanda may have a big long name, but it's very small.

Essentially, it is Tim Gallant, who formed the company in 2002 initially to publish his new book, Feed My Lambs: Why the Lord's Table Should Be Restored to Covenant Children. A few years later, budget-priced music was added. A digital-only version of These Are Two Covenants was released in 2010.

Current Plans

With new publishing procedures in place and some definite book ideas in mind, Pactum is once again full steam ahead. By moving to a "print on demand" arrangement, I am now able to put out all the titles I can produce.

The first fruit of this new arrangement is the recent paperback release of These Are Two Covenants (February 2012), and a book of sermons on Galatians.

I am excited about projects already in the works. Goals for 2013 and 2014 are the development and publication of the following:

  • A new commentary on Galatians (title: Paul's Travail: A Reintroduction to Galatians);
  • A retelling of the story of the Bible, intended for reading to children (there seems to be some strong interest in this work already);
  • At least one children's book under the new imprint Moose & Bunny. (Think fun with words and vocabulary building along the lines of a "souped up" Dr Seuss.)
  • A medievalesque fantasy (title: The Legend of the Dagger Prince) under the fiction imprint Timotheos Press.

In 2012, I also provided comprehensive assistance for another author to self-publish his first book. I provided editing, typesetting, graphic design, and print on demand prep, as well as the promotional web site. Check out the result at!


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